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I'm busting at the seams with JOY!!!

It's been my life long passion to create and SHARE my artwork with YOU.

I was inspired to work with glass when a friend gave me some stained glass scraps.  My first work was called, "The Cycle of Life",  a gift for my daughter. I told a story with movement,  intertwining colors, and shapes. It was an abstract expression of how life is made of steps and stages. 

My style of mosaic art is unstructured.   I let each piece come to life on it's own. 

I appreciate your interest in my work. I hope you enjoy what you see and if you have any questions, please contact me.



Victoria D Designs: 

Mosaics & More...

Victoria D Designs is a unique collection of handmade mosaic pieces. Every piece of artwork is one-of-a-kind featuring individually hand-cut glass in an array of designs in vibrant colors.

I also proudly offers a selection of original acrylic paintings and numbered prints. 

Commissioned artwork is my specialty. 

Let's talk!  831-915-0429 PST


Meet Victoria Donahue

After a lifetime working with diverse and interesting media, I have found myself most captivated by color, light, and texture.

My artistic path began very early. With underdeveloped, but enthusiastic skills, I was encouraged to be creative and express myself.

In the 90's, I had a business hand painting on jean jackets,  maternity wear and children's clothing available through boutiques and Nordstrom Department stores. 

After five years of the hectic pace in the fashion industry, I felt I needed to redirect my focus and follow my dream.

My heart led me to getting a degree in Interior Design.

which confirmed that my calling is to create and construct with color and texture.

Shortly after, my husband Michael was diagnosed with a blood cancer, leaving me unable to pursue that career. With his blessings,

bringing me to where I am now.  Following my dream with my Michael Angel-o on my back.


I have a cause near and dear to my heart. Please read on to my

SHOP page to find a special section to honor my late husband. 

I am selling two books authored by Michael Donahue.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the 

Multiple Myeloma Foundation.

Now living in Marina, California  (on the Monterey Peninsula), 

my studio overflows with colorful energy and inspiration. One of my favorite source of inspiration is the beach and the ever changing colors of the ocean and sky.

     "I get excited when I decide on the color for a piece, I pull out all my glass and baubles in that color and the process begins!

I start with a vision and  let the colors and shapes guide the way"

Each piece of artwork is as UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL as you are! 

Whether you choose one of my offered pieces or would like to add design input, specify colors, sizes, or choices of letters, please know that my goal is to add JOY and HAPPINESS to your life. 

Likewise, please know that acrylic paintings and prints in various sizes will be available soon.

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